My unquestionably awesome daily rountine

Now I now this is most how most daily routines go:
7:00am: I spring out of bed and go into the bathroom, perform my face wash routine 

7:10 am: I eat my breakfast of avacado toast, freshly squeezed apricot juice and shredded carrot ( as I was typing this I accidentally typed cat. Do not eat shredded cat.)

7:25 am: I prepare my clothes for the day

And in it goes.

But mine is the real,raw daily routine. I actually do have a fitness thingy, but that was because for some reason I was all motivated to become really fit and have a six pack, which would not look good on a 13 year old, but I get strangly motivated about loads of things. For example, when I was five I was a deep obsession with butterflies and did my best to become one. Yes I ended up eating leaves.

But yes, this is my daily routine. No bits, no buts, no coconuts. I assure you there are absolutely no coconuts in the following paragraph.

8:30am ( or around that ) I sluggishly awake from my slumber. I trudge out of bed and desperately need to pee.

8:40am breakfast time! I usually eat a various type of cereal, with soya milk because I’m dairy intolerant. After that I usually have toast and orange juice

Sometime after that: I get dressed.Now, this is my holiday routine. I might put up a different one for school, but this is how it goes when I’m not in school. So usually getting dressed, in the summer I just put on anything. Literally anything. I was going around in board shorts and a fluffy hoodie yesterday. I have no shame.

I’m not bothered to keep time now: I go and do my daily things! As in brushing my teeth, showering if I have to,that kinda deal.

After that I’d usually do my workout routine but I won’t go into detail with that now.

Well that is my daily routine! Hope you enjoyed! 

Loads and loads of love,

Intellectualwisegirl xoxox


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