The best ways to get to sleep

We’ve all been in that situation where it’s 2am, we’ve school in the morning but our brain won’t shut up.  So here are some of the ways I found help you sleep most:

Read a book
Even if it’s only two chapters, it makes your brain sleepy and you’ll drift off soon enough

Listen to music

It worked when we were babys, and it still works today! Maybe don’t listen to a really loud or fast song, as it will just trigger your brain into thinking its time to get up and do things. Listen to a quiet, slow song that you like.

Put your phone, iPad , laptop, etc. in another room

If you have your phone in your room, it’s just gonna make you more awake! You’ll want to keep checking it, and the blue light will make your eyes tired, but you’ll still feel awake. About half and hour before you want to sleep, put your phone etc. in a different room and try and sleep, you’ll find it much easier. If you want to listen to music on you phone, put it under your pillow and turn of notifications. 

Make the room as dark as possible 

Close the door, make sure the curtains are as shut together as possible, even use an eye  mask if you have to.  If you’re scared of the dark, maybe open the door a small it if you have a light on in the hallway. If not, maybe get a small nightlight, but don’t use a normallamp as it could set on fire if left in for to long.

Remove all constrictive clothing

Take off any socks, bracelets, hair ties, anything that might be annoying you. If it’s a warm night, try wear light pajamas. 

Try the 7-4-8 trick 

This is meant to calm down your brain and the chemicals form the sequence tell your brain it’s time to sleep. So what you do is breathe in for 7 seconds, hold it for 4 seconds and then let it out for 8 seconds. This really helped me to get to sleep some nights, so I’d recommend it.

Well I think that’s all! Thank you for reading and I hope some of these help you.

Loads of love, 

Intellectualwisegirl xoxox


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