Let’s be friends… On the Internet…

I know this sounds  extremely weird, but I love the idea of having friends that I’ve never met before! 

Let me explain…

I just love reading other people’s blogs and feeling like they’re my friends telling me about their day! It’s just so nice being able to talk to other bloggers and get tips off them, or just chat about your day!

That’s why I’m giving you an invitation. Not a literal one, as that would be expensive because I don’t know where you live and the post fees could be horrendous, so I’ll just give you a virtual one instead!

I hereby invite you to Dm me on Instagram, DM me on Twitter, or email me at intellectualwisegirl@gmail.com whenever you red someone to talk to. Just say ‘ Hey, wanna be internet buddies?’  And voila! One steaming hot new friend! Ha,ha…I’m not hot. I’m really ugly. Oh well. Life goes on, so where was I

Oh yes, so just contact me on anything and I’ll message you back and you can tell me all about anything g you want to talk about! Think of me as you own personal diary, or maybe your own personal rant machine.

*Virtual hugs*



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