10 reasons to smile

  1. That thing you did 5 years ago? It doesn’t matter. Everyone’s forgotten about it by now. You can stop worrying
  2. Those mean people? Ignore them. They’ve got they’re own problems, they’re just dealing with them badly. 
  3. That thing you need to do but don’t have time to do? It will get done. And if it doesn’t get done, it doesn’t really matter. 
  4. You don’t look ‘pretty’? What does pretty even mean? You’re gorgeous.I mean, look at flowers and Christmas lights. Both of them are pretty, and they’re nothing alike.
  5. If you have goals that seem impossible to reach, you will reach them. All you need it a little bit of grit and determination.
  6. That significant other? Just be yourself! If they can’t accept you for who you are, are they really worth it?
  7. You have friends who support you through everything, and if you don’t have friends ( like me) then  we can be friends!
  8. The world has been alive for a very long time, and you are lucky to be born in an era where we have the answers to everything at out fingertips. Thank you Google!
  9. There are small cuddly things like kittens and puppies and hot chocolate and Oreos and Kinder Buenos in the world. 


IntellectualWiseGirl xoxoxoxox 



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