The Liebster Award

So, I was nominated by GirlyBloggerWeb for the Liebster Award! I had no idea what t was about, then I read her blog post and was shocked to see my name down at the bottom in the ‘ nominated blogs list! 

rules: post 11 facts about yourself

 answer 11 questions from your nominator 

 nominate 11 other bloggers 

 ask them 11 questions 

 let them know you nominated them 

Whoever created this challenge must really like the number 11. Maybe it’s their lucky number… Or maybe they’ve killed eleven people… I got a bit off topic there.

So anyway… 11 facts about me!

  1. I am 13 years old
  2. I have the ability to lick my nose (sounds gross but it’s kinda cold)
  3. I’m allergic to make up
  4. I’m allergic to chlorine but I still swim frequently
  5. I read all the Harry Potter books when I was 7 … And seven is a wizards lucky number… Uhh..
  6. I’m Irish
  7. I used to think I was adopted ( turns out I’m not)
  8. When I was three I got arrested 
  9. One time I shot a person with a bow and arrow… By accident of course.
  10. I like to pretend I’m really sporty cause I playalot of sport but in reality I’m crap at everything
  11. I used to have a cat named Dumbledore.

I nominate :

Bike Riders Blog
IbeautyBlogspot or Alex
It’s Nira

Thoughts by Thea
My Future Self

Maya Willemes

Beauty of a girl
Golden Geek
The Fate Blog

Style it out
I shall now answer the questions from my nominatior:

  1. Who is your favourite youtubers?

I think favourite would have to be Dan and Phil, because I’ve been watching them the longest . I watch loads though, so it’s hard to choose!

2.what do you love most about blogging? 

The fact that I can be myself and say what I want without people know that it’s me

3. how would you describe yourself in one word?

Nerdy. I am a big fat gigantic nerd. 

4. what color is your hair?

Not light brown, not dark brown, middle brown. Is that a thing? It is now.

5. how do you see yourself in your future?

Still typing this post. It didn’t specify how far in the future. And this post Is  taking ages so it could be Christmas by the time I’ve posted it. 

6. do you have a pet?

Yes, I have two cats, Sooty and Oreo.

7.  when did you start your blog?

The 28th of July I think  

8. what’s your favourite season? 

Winter all the way! Because you get to wear big coats and hats and snuggle up with hot chocolate and never go out side.

9. your favourite book? 
This is a hard one! EVERY BOOK IS AWESOME!

10. do you play an instrument? 

Yes, I play guitar and tin whistle 

11.what’s your favourite childhood memories?

Im only 13! But if I had to pick, getting arrested when I was three. 

So, here are the questions for my nominees:

  1. If you were a dog for a day, what would you do?
  2. How many cushions can you balance on your head?
  3. What would you tell Harry Potter to do for making his life easier?
  4. How many chairs have you broken?
  5. What color would you paint your enemies room?
  6. What food would you eat for the rest of your life’s?
  7. What number would you murder with a dart gun?
  8. Which toe would you sacrifice to the gods?
  9. What subject would you choose to make a subject?
  10. How many people have you accidentally said “I love you” to?
  11. I have no more questions. Make up your own cause I’m lazy 

So that is all! Thanks for reading and please follow if you’re not already.


IntellectualWiseGirl xox 


    7 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

    1. girlonrainbow says:

      HEy thank you so much for nominating me!! I already did the liebster Award once but if you want I can answer them in the comments or in my next Q&A? ❤ xxxx

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