Guest blog post: How to survive school

Hi Guys! I’m Alex,
My blog is called IBeautyand on there I talk about anything and everything! This post is going to be ” Back To School Survival Guide” so I hope you enjoy! 
So first of all I am in 2nd year and i’m 13. Last year I started secondary school so i’m not going into a different school so I already know my way about and stuff but if you are starting a new school or you’re going to the same school here’s a few tips!     
Survival Tips! 

Tip 1: Don’t be shy!
So I did start a new school last year and the one thing I personally think is most important is DON’T BE SHY!!! If you don’t know where your next class is, ask someone! Don’t be afraid to ask if you’re lost. Also in your new classes talk to everyone. The more you talk to people the more friends you’ll have.
Tip 2: Be yourself!
If you are talking to people be yourself! When you’re getting to know someone if you’re not being yourself, it shows. And if someone doesn’t want to be your friend for who you are, they aren’t worth your time.
Tip 3: Talk To Your Teachers!
Don’t be afraid to raise your hand and answer questions if you’re new. The more you answer questions and stuff the more you teachers will get to know you and like you cause lets be honest, teachers have favourites!
Survival Kit!
Okay so the first thing you will need is a makeup/cosmetic bag. Just a small one, I recommend any Zoella one, that’s the one I us and I find it the perfect size.
Hand Sanitizer!
Any one will do, this is just for clean hands because school is full of germs! The amount of times i’ve put my hand in something gross is disgusting.
Baby Wipes!
Okay so you’re probably thinking “Baby Wipes?!”. Yes honey, Baby Wipes. People also call them “Wet Wipes” but I hate that term soooooo… So this is for if you spill something or you get soemthing on your hand because we’ve all been in that situation when our pen exploads or something and you have no baby wipes. You’ll thank me later…
They are probably the main things so i’m just gonna make a little list of other necessities!
Bobby Pins

Little Perfume Samples


Bobbles( note from intellectualwisegirl: I say ‘bobbon’, as a culchie from the Republic ofIreland, other culchie say “go-goes, which I think is really weird. But bobbles?! What?)

Mini Dry Shampoo

Mini Deodorant

Chewing Gum or Mints

Mascara (or whatever makeup you bring)

A Little Hairbrush
And whatever else you want! You can find all of these products at Superdrug.
I hope this is useful to you and I hope you check out my blog!




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