How to de stress

School makes me stressed. Swimming makes me stressed.       Life in general makes me stressed.

How to de stress?

Play a game. Be it a board game, video game, or imaginary game. Not all at once though or you may combust.

Read a book. Not a heart wrenching one though or you may combust from crying.

Watch a movie. See above, for example do not watch The Hobbit: The Battle Of the Five Armies while doing homework because your homework will get very wet with tears.

Tidy. Strange one, but it can make you feel more accomplished.

Think back on what you’ve accomplished that day. It will make you feel more incontrol.. unless you’re me and sit around all day eating ice cream. Then don’t  that .

Breathe. While you’re going about a busy day, your breathing gets very shallow and fast. Taking deep breaths makes you feel more relaxed.

And finally, don’t thjnk to much about it. It’s not the end of the world. 


IntellectualWiseGirl xox


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