My mind is a mess

Usually I try to be all peppy and happy and cheery, but lately I’ve been feeling like a failure.

My heart and head feel like there’s a great big block of sadness wedged on top of it and it’s preventing me from doing anything right. I feel fat and disgusting and ugly. I feel like everybody hates me and always will. I don’t know how I’ll change is but I have to try and change myself to stop it. 

No one cares but me so I have to do something. I don’t think anyone likes the way I am so I should change.

But I don’t want to change who I am, I just want to stop feeling so crappy and like a complete failure.  




5 thoughts on “My mind is a mess

  1. girlonrainbow says:

    Hey that sounds pretty sad to me! I know it s not the same Thing, but People on here care about you! Althoug they can’t do like in real life! I just hope it will get better and if there is anything I can do although I can’t eet you in Person let me know:)
    Do something distracting 🙂

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