A day in my life!

So firstly, this is a collab with Girlybloggerxx, please go check her out she’s a really great friend of mine and has an amazing blog. And here is the post! By the way this is for a day in my life for school days, in case you were wondering.

So first of all, at five my alarm goes off and I have to get up for swimming training at six. I get dressed in my uniform and grab my swimming bag and school bag. I train for an hour, and head to school from there. At school, I do schooly things that no one wants to hear about because we all have to go through it enough and don’t want to read other people talking about it. 

When I get home from school, I drop my bag and pick up my phone, I then proceed to lie on the floor for about half an hour before sommoning the motivation to tackle my homework. At long last when I’m done it, I watch YouTube videos and check my social media and all that good stuff. I chill until about ten and then get ready for bed. Would you like me to do a kind of ‘ get ready for bed routine’ thing? If so, comments are right there. I lie in bed for a while and read or watch YouTube videos or multitask and do both at the same time.

That’s roughly what I do in a day! Don’t forget to check out Girlybloggerxx.


IntellectualWiseGirl xox 


3 thoughts on “A day in my life!

  1. girly blogger says:

    it was so fun collabing with you, you truly are a great friend of mine! also i would love to see a ‘get ready for bed routine’ oh and have you noticed that i did a day in my life on the holiday and you did a day in my life on school days! haha love you! ❤

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